Or Hakodesh

Torah for Everyone

Today many people throughout the world are interested in finding out more about life. People from all walks of life, different nations, religions, and cultures. Many are married and raising interfaith, inter-cultural families. This can be a great challenge.

Where are there answers? Where is a supportive community?

The Torah has much to offer about how we should all live together. We teach Torah - the great book given to mankind by G~d, through the Jewish people. It is an ancient book, and has a continuing saga of recorded many other books, and imprinted in history.

Or Hakodesh hopes to encourage you to seek the Light of G~d in you life and community to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

Start a study group (Havurah).

We have groups in the Philippines, and would be glad to give guidance to get your own group started.


Or Hakodesh is Hebrew meaning “The Holy Light” It is a reference to the Holy Light of G~d in the Temple and the Holy Spirit of G~d.