Thoughts for seekers from Rabbi Lerner

Searching for TRUTH

This is North Dakota. In my 20’s we took an extended family trip to find the “Perfect Place” to live. Months of preparation, then off we went, no home, no job, money in the bank, for an open ended USA … Read More

Parsha Trumah – Offerings – Where is G~d ?

The parsha Trumah starts with engaging the Israelites to make free will offerings to G~d, for the specific purpose of building a Sanctuary, a reserved, Sacred space. The Israelites are in the wilderness after escaping from Egypt with the mighty power of … Read More

Parsha K’doshim – Holy! – Transform your life

The parsha presents the “genesis” of being transformed from common (chol) to holy (kadosh). There is a developing awareness of the concept of holy being developed through the design and construction of the Tabernacle, which is “holy” and filled with “holy” articles, … Read More