Parsha Trumah – Offerings – Where is G~d ?

The parsha Trumah starts with engaging the Israelites to make free will offerings to G~d, for the specific purpose of building a Sanctuary, a reserved, Sacred space. The Israelites are in the wilderness after escaping from Egypt with the mighty power of G~d to bring them out. They had crossed through the Sea on dry ground with the Egyptian army in hot pursuit, and witnessed the Sea close in upon the Egyptians. G~d miraculously supplies them with food and water every day. They stood before mount Sinai and heard the voice of G~d speak to the entire nation, and received Commandments from G~d. They responded to the voice of G~d with a promise “We will do!”

Now they have their first opportunity to “do” something for G~d. Build a Sanctuary. The response is enthusiastic with funds, materials, talents, and time given to this great effort.

In many religious circles there is limited opportunity to use your time and talents to serve. Many times there are even less opportunities to serve with your religious group in the larger community. So much “religious” seems inward focused, to religious schools, social events, and the worship service.

Yet we live in a very big world with so many needs! Your time and talents are valuable, whatever they are. There are many opportunities to help others, starting right at home, and reaching across the continents. These are all valuable to “serving G~d” for as we serve others, we really serve G~d in the most divine way. Religion is not limited to a place of worship. You can use your time and talents to be a blessing. In service is where you will really find G~d, and you will find G~d will bless you in incomprehensible ways.

You can down load the notes and get a study group together to enjoy digging into Torah!

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Here are some study notes:

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