Searching for TRUTH

This is North Dakota.

In my 20’s we took an extended family trip to find the “Perfect Place” to live. Months of preparation, then off we went, no home, no job, money in the bank, for an open ended USA travel plan. We traveled most of the 50 states and decided on Denver, Colorado. A great place to live. Ended up being much colder than ever expected. I got my perfect job – Solar engineering. Then the tax credits for solar changed, the solar industry was crashing. In less than two years we relocated to Houston, Texas. Been here ever since. I moved for a job in Automobile Parking, then later changed to big oil. Far from my perfect Solar job. There are bumper stickers all over Texas “I was not born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could”.

North Dakota was not even on our travel plans. I recently went to North Dakota to do some big oil work. The place is booming! Jobs are available for everyone. Half the year the weather is great. The other half is very cold, but gorgeous if you like blinding snow storms. There is a certain kind of beauty in all this.

Where is this perfect place? Some say NOT HERE! UP THERE (HEAVEN). My uncle says “Growing old is a B…., but it is better than the alternative!” We are designed for life here, in “SPACE-TIME.” The alternative is very etherial – just like my “Perfect Place.” Read C.S.Lewis The Great Divorce for starters.

Moral of the story? The “Perfect Place” is not likely to be where you expect, nor choose.

Because we are simultaneously both physical and spiritual beings, it is important to feed both sides. We know if we don’t feed the physical side, or we eat bad food, the physical side is negatively affected. We know if we don’t work the physical side we get weak, and our health and vitality degenerate.

What we tend to overlook is feeding and working the spiritual side. This is much more than reading the Bible, or meditating, having some bible study. The spiritual side needs much more to be healthy and vital. A good diet of books, art, thinking, along with friends and mental challenges.

I read a continually widening scope of literature. The public library helps defray the cost. Typically I go to the library and pick some book on tape or CD, and listen while driving. Better than the radio. I have read many of the classics, much science fiction, mystery, social situations, math, biology. I try to write down all the titles, which helps me to remember the content of each book. The amazing thing is the more I read, the better I understand other people. So stretch you limits!

Following are some links to Messianic Jewish sources. At least a beginning point. Dig in and challenge your spiritual side.   Torah learning

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