Parsha Chayyei Sarah – The life of Sarah – The next link in the miracle line

Parsha Chayyei Sarah ends the generation of Abraham and Sarah, and continues into the next generation of Isaac and Rebecca. It seems Sarah passed away soon after the incident of the binding of Isaac, likely from the shock and grief of potentially losing her son, born through a miracle from G~d. Isaac is in the background of the parsha until the end, implying that he may not have been living near his father Abraham either.

The major theme is the transfer to the next generation, dor l’dor. Abraham arranges a permanent burial cave for the family. Abraham arranges for a wife for Isaac from his distant family, likely a round trip as long as three years. Abraham has another wife, Keturah (possibly Hagar, mother of Ishmael) with many children, and other concubines with still more children. And Abraham dies, buried by Isaac and Ishmael, who seem to have a reasonable relationship as half brothers.

And life goes on. One thing to note, often overlooked is all the children from Abraham. These children are all blessed, though not the miracle line of Israel who are destined to bring forth and carry the Torah. So the popular song “Father Abraham had many sons” is true in the physical sense, as well as the spiritual sense of becoming spiritual children of Abraham by becoming believers in the One True G~d of Abraham, Isaac, and soon Jacob.


Here are some study notes:

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