Parsha Ki Tetzei

1 Prayer – Tools

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1.2 Praying for a location to meet regularly, Philippines.

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2.1 Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services at L’Chaim center

2.2 Rosh Hashanah afternoon at Rabbi’s home.

2.2.1 Tashlit service at the lake

2.2.2 Bring food – Dairy or Parve

2.3 Yom Kippur afternoon at Rabbi’s home – discussion and break the fast.

2.3.1 Bring food – Dairy or Parve

3 Torah Parsha Ki Tetzei (when you go)

3.1 This parsha contains the largest number of individual mitzvot (commandments), seventy two.

3.1.1 General thread – look out for others.

3.2 Protection of woman’s rights (prisoners, unloved wife, molested, newly wed, widowed).

3.3 Protection of others property (help, care, recovery).

3.4 Protection of poor (agricultural gleanings, timely pay, alien rights).

3.5 Limits punishment.

3.6 Honest measures.

3.7 Destroy Amalek (25:17- 19) Why?

3.7.1 They represent taking advantage of the weak.

3.7.2 This is exactly opposite of the parsha commandments.

4 Future events – Fall Feasts what to do Elul to prepare for 10 Days of Awe – by K Lamar