Parsha Terumah – offering – plans for the Tabernacle

The Israelites are asked to contribute to building the Tabernacle, that is give offerings. The Tabernacle is a location for the presence of the Lord to meet with man in the Creation. In the previous parsha the focus was on sanctification of time, that is setting apart time to meet with G~d. In this parsha the focus is sanctification of space, a location to meet with G~d.

The plan is given to Moses for the general design. Later in Exodus the actual detailed design work will be handed over to skilled artisans filled with the spirit of the Lord.

Of interest are the numbers, all with spiritual significance. The lamp stand, or menorah, is a work of art, with six arms and seven lamps. It is made of pure gold, hammered work, decorated with almond blossoms.

Almond blossoms are used in the artwork of the Lamp Stand.

Here are some study notes:

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