Parsha Tzav – Command! – Restating the rules


  • 2 years old – Yes – No!
  • 3 years old – Like this. – Don’t do that.
  • 4-10 years – This is the correct way. WHY?
  • 11-13 years – Yes, I get it. Thanks.
  • 14-18 years – I got it already. I’ll ask if I need any help.
  • 18-21 years – I know better than them.
  • 22-30 years – Piece of cake. No problem.
  • 31-49 years – Hmm. Maybe this is not as easy as I thought.
  • 50-59 years – Dad, Mom, how did you handle this?
  • 60- … years – Well son, glad you asked, my dad used to say …

Get some perspective here. Ancient culture. Israel is a “nation that was not a nation.” Chosen by G~d, for a purpose!


To bring the revelation of the one true G~d to all the other nations;
Through living the value system embedded in the Torah;
Developing that system to be relevant for everyone;
So all mankind can participate in restoring the Creation,
And filling it with life, to the ends of the Universe.

“Space – the final frontier” – Rodenberry
The Stars Like Dust – Asimov – Mankind, as the only life in the Universe, expands to colonize the galaxy.

Why are there rules and regulations asked the young person? To guide you to a productive life!

Where do the rules and regulations guide me?
To act with Kindness, Justice, and Equity in the world. Jeremiah 9:23

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Here are some study notes:

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