Ha’azinu – Moses last song

As we are revisiting 9-11, a day of tragedy, and Parsha Ha’azinu, a song that G~d rules supreme over everything, it brings to mind how fragile we all are. Life is tenuous. Yet we have confidence in G~d, in what He created, and in His ability to sustain us.

Here are my notes for the Shabbat study:

Parsha Outline 5770 – Parsha Ha’azinu (give ear) – D’varim (Deuteronomy) 32:1 – 32:52

PaRDeS Pshat (literal), Remez (Allegorical), Drash (application), Sod (mystical)

1 Prayer – Tools

    1.1 Siddur Eit Ratzon – Expanded Version – Red – on Amazon $38 with shipping

    1.2 Praying for a location to meet regularly, Philippines.

2 Fall Feasts calendar review – on  www.orhakodesh.org

    2.1 Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre) and Yom Kippur services at L’Chaim center

    2.2 Yom Kippur afternoon fasting at Rabbi’s home (optional for rest and study).

        2.2.1 Individuals may do Tashlit at the lake.

    2.3 Yom Kippur Nilah service at Rabbi’s home – 6 PM.

        2.3.1 Bring food to break fast together – Dairy or Parve

3 Torah Parsha Ha’azinu (give ear) G~d of Israel and the Nations

    3.1 Proclamation of who G~d is (32:1-4)

        3.1.1 Heaven and earth listen to the voice of the prophet (v1-2).

        3.1.2 Proclaim the NAME Y-H-V-H ! (v3)

        3.1.3 Rock, perfect, just, faithful, true, upright. (v4)

    3.2 Governance of the Creation

        3.2.1 Children are unworthy. (v 5-6). Is this mankind or Israel?

        3.2.2 Most High made the nations with a plan (v7-8)

        3.2.3 Set peoples, divisions, boundaries, in relation to Israel’s number (70) (v8)

        3.2.4 The Lord’s portion is Israel (v9)

        3.2.5 Lord ? Israel (70) ? 70 angelic beings ? 70 Nations

    3.3 Israel raised (v10-14) strays (v15-18) punished (v19-25)

    3.4 Nations punish Israel but learn nothing about G~d (v26-31)

    3.5 G~d punishes Nations because they should have pitied Israel (v32-38)

    3.6 There is no G~d besides me is the message to all mankind (v39-42)

    3.7 Nations acclaim Israel! Israel acclaim G~d! (v43-47)

        3.7.1 Observe Torah (v46) .

        3.7.2 Your very life depends on this (v47)

    3.8 Even Moses the teacher and prophet must live by this principle. (v48-52)

4 Days of Awe – by Kathryn L.