Parsha Ki Tisa – lift the head – Contrasts

This parsha is a study in contrasts. From the care to honor the people with an indirect census, the holy oil and incense, the Tablets inscribed by the Lord, seeing G~d, and Moses glowing face, to the depths of making and worshiping the Golden Calf idol with indecent activity.

We are very quick to judge the Israelites! We would do much better to try and understand how easily they strayed and returned, and take these lessons into our own lives to help us not to stray as well.

Then look at the Attributes of G~d in chapter 34, and see that they are centered on identification of going astray and bringing back with forgiveness and repentance.

Here are some study notes:

Parsha Ki Tissa 5771.doc
Parsha Ki Tissa 5771.pdf