Parsha MiKetz – After – Joseph Rises to Power in Egypt

Joseph rises to power in Egypt. To the second highest position in the nation. He has wisdom to run the country and prepare for the future famine. Oh that we would have wise leaders in all the countries of the earth.

We also have Chanukah at this time of year. It is the holy days of Dedication, commemorating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem and the end of the Greek dominance of Israel. Where is this holy day recorded in the bible? Not in the Jewish cannon, as it concludes about 300 years before the Chanukah event. The only inference we have is in the Brit Chadesha (the new covenant), because Yeshua of Nazareth is recorded as going to Jerusalem to celebrate the festival of lights. We also have the books of Macabees, though these are only included in the Catholic cannon.

So are you ready to re-dedicate yourself? Do you have meaning, focus, purpose and vision to live your life well and be pleasing to G~d and man? To change something in the world for the better? This is the real question we must ask as we light our Chanukah candles each night. Will I make a difference for good or evil this year?


Here are some study notes:

Parsha MiKetz 5771.doc
Parsha MiKetz 5771.pdf