Sukkot – Getting out of our comfort zone

We make our homes as comfortable and customized to our likes as we can. For women we call it nesting. For men, our castle. For children home is supposed to be a shelter, and refuge. Home is supposed to be a place to live and relax. What a blessing for those so fortunate to have good homes. Pray for those who do not.

Then we have Sukkot – a Holy convocation to the G~d of Israel – where we are supposed to get out of our homes and live in booths! Recognize how good we have it living in a home by contrasting home with a temporary shelter. A most unusual way to celebrate G~d.

We are to move out of our comfort zone – our home. What about the other comfort zones we have carefully built for ourselves? Work places, groups of friends, comfort foods, comfortable religious associations, just to name a few. What about the comfort zones in our minds? Things we like to dwell on, favorite scriptures, daily routines, political affinities, to name some more comforts we so easily settle in to like a good pair of well worn shoes.

G~d wants to get us out of these comfort zones as well. It is only temporary. Just a few days. Make an effort to break out of the norms and consider something different. Meet some new people. Consider other viewpoints. Remember our G~d is a G~d of action – go, do, listen, obey.

I think Sukkot is designed to help us get out of our ruts in life and live a little; expand our perspectives, broaden our lives.

This year force yourself our of your rut, at least for a few days in a few ways. You will be a better person by doing this, and you will enrich others lives as well by engaging with others outside your “HOME – PLACE OF COMFORT”.

So get out and try something new and different. Risk a bit. There is a bigger world outside your front door.

Chag Sameach!

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