The parsha Lech Lecha starts with a Command from the Lord – Go Forth! It moved Abram out of his home town into a new life. Abram was not a kid anymore. He was 75 years old, and made some big changes in … Read More

This is North Dakota. In my 20’s we took an extended family trip to find the “Perfect Place” to live. Months of preparation, then off we went, no home, no job, money in the bank, for an open ended USA … Read More

Mother’s Day! Better Wife’s day Proverbs 31 has a model of empowering women to maximize their potential! Written about 3000 years ago, it is still a classic today. Taken in the wrong way, it can be a tremendous burden of … Read More

The parsha Trumah starts with engaging the Israelites to make free will offerings to G~d, for the specific purpose of building a Sanctuary, a reserved, Sacred space. The Israelites are in the wilderness after escaping from Egypt with the mighty power of … Read More

The parsha Naso continues the dedication of the Levites to service of the Tabernacle, and ends with the formal dedication of the Tabernacle with identical offerings from all 12 Tribes of Israel. (Note that the tribe of Levi makes the count 13 … Read More

The parsha is the first in the book of B’midbar (Numbers). The book is the tale of Israel traveling through the Wilderness toward the “Promised Land.” This first parsha formally begins the journey. The first concept is the physical instantiation of G~d … Read More

The parsha covers the Jubilee Year and concepts of ownership and redemption. Picture from an absolutely fascinating web site of ancient pictures Here are some study notes: Parsha b’har 5771.doc Parsha b’har 5771.pdf  

The parsha covers various requirements for Israelite Priests. What it does not cover is the general concept of being a priest. The role of priest is entered into by lineage, as the line of Aaron’s family. No choice here. Today Israel’s priests … Read More

The parsha presents the “genesis” of being transformed from common (chol) to holy (kadosh). There is a developing awareness of the concept of holy being developed through the design and construction of the Tabernacle, which is “holy” and filled with “holy” articles, … Read More

The parsha is a small excerpt from parsha Bo, relating the Exodus night to us. This is a good review of the dramatic event of the Passover night during the seven Days of Unleavened Bread (matzot) which immediately follow Passover. … Read More