The parsha brings us to consider the paradox of being Created in the image and likeness of the Creator (G~d), yet being inherently different than G~d. Our general understanding of the One G~d, Creator of the Universe, is a perfect, completely sublime … Read More

The parsha is normally read together with the previous parsha, Tzaria, on non-leap years, so please go back and read my discussion on parsha Tzaria. This parsha teaches general principles of hygiene, cleanliness, and means to formalize return to the general community for infected persons. First, for … Read More

This parsha teaches various conditions which exclude people from entering the Tabernacle, and in some cases, being removed from the general community. The first impression many have of these restrictions is “What did this person do wrong?” It is very … Read More

Instructions: 2 years old – Yes – No! 3 years old – Like this. – Don’t do that. 4-10 years – This is the correct way. WHY? 11-13 years – Yes, I get it. Thanks. 14-18 years – I got … Read More

Why are there sacrifices in the Torah? This seems so ancient and counter-productive. Well remember the Torah is a very ancient document! And are the sacrifices relevant today? One of the great debates of the ages is the relevance of … Read More

When Moses [and the Israelites] had finished the work, the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the Presence of the Lord filled the Tabernacle. … Over the Tabernacle the cloud of the Lord rested by day, and fire would … Read More

Moses assembled the whole Israelite community, tradition says, on the day after the Golden Calf incident of the previous parsha. The people would be in mourning for those who died, even if they were rebels. The verb is assembled, or … Read More

Good boundaries are essential for all living things. From healthy cell walls to defined national borders, boundaries are essential. Many of us were never taught this when growing up, and it is very hard to learn on your own. That … Read More

This parsha is a study in contrasts. From the care to honor the people with an indirect census, the holy oil and incense, the Tablets inscribed by the Lord, seeing G~d, and Moses glowing face, to the depths of making … Read More

The Israelites are instructed further in preparations for the Tabernacle. Oil for the menorah, Priests clothing, priests consecration, and the incense table. The oil for the menorah is interestingly commanded to all Israelites to bring pure olive oil. So why olive oil? … Read More