We have this really great book – the Holy Bible – world all time best seller. Nothing even comes close in popularity. Big problem – it is written in foreign languages. Mostly Hebrew, some Aramaic, and Greek. Most of us … Read More

Developed by the Highland Park, New Jersey havurah. I really like this siddur as it is friendly, spiritual, and meditative. It is a full re-translation of the text in a modern English poetic prose, for easy reading. Friendly double page … Read More

The Israelites are asked to contribute to building the Tabernacle, that is give offerings. The Tabernacle is a location for the presence of the Lord to meet with man in the Creation. In the previous parsha the focus was on … Read More

As far as I can tell, the first Judicial system is established in Torah Parsh Yitro. Before this time, justice was decided by kings and priests. The Hammurabi code is contemporary and similar in concept as it sets a standard … Read More

Crossing the yam soof – reed sea. There is some controversy about the route of the Israelites and which body of water was crossed in the miraculous Exodus event. In any case it was an example of the Lord fighting … Read More

When I think about the Exodus story I have mixed emotions. One emotion is filled with joy! People (in this case my people Israel) are freed from slavery! They were enslaved and burdened seemingly for no fault of their own. … Read More

We – that is Mankind – tend to be pretty arrogant and independent. We were created to be independent in thought and action, with the ability to decide between good and evil (reference the Garden of Eden story for our … Read More

One aspect of G~d is JOY ! When the universe is being created, the Lord says “it is good” many times, and ends with “it is very good.” G~d is happy, joyful, with the Creation. When friends and family have … Read More

Words are very powerful. Genesis begins with G~d creating everything with words – “And G~d said … and it was so.” Words can create. Words can destroy. Words can bless. Words can curse. Words convey love. Words convey hate. Words … Read More

Joseph in power in Egypt. To the second highest position in the nation. In this Parsha he brings his extended family to Egypt and saves all Egypt and the surrounding lands from starvation from a great famine. Moving his extended … Read More