Joseph rises to power in Egypt. To the second highest position in the nation. He has wisdom to run the country and prepare for the future famine. Oh that we would have wise leaders in all the countries of the … Read More

Jacob is settled. His story is over. The story moves on to his sons, the sons of Israel (Jacob’s new name from the Lord, meaning struggles with G~d). The story line of the Bible is about what is on the … Read More

Va-yetzei is a story of the consequences of deception and deceit. These qualities are similar to lies, and should not be used for personal gain. We learn from the life lessons of the patriarchs, and their families, many things. Some … Read More

Toldot begins the story of the rest of the story. The Lord is going to bring the Torah through the Jewish people to the rest of the world. God chooses the agent, the family proceeding from Abraham, through miracles of … Read More

Parsha Va-yera is framed with the appearance of the Lord, in various ways, throughout the entire parsha, as various Jewish teachers have said through the ages. I wonder how the Lord, creator of the Universe – may His name be … Read More

Parsha Chayyei Sarah ends the generation of Abraham and Sarah, and continues into the next generation of Isaac and Rebecca. It seems Sarah passed away soon after the incident of the binding of Isaac, likely from the shock and grief … Read More

God in Search of Man! What kind of joke is this! Like G~d the Almighty can not find Man. He is all powerful you know, so how could He lose us? I give credit to the concept to Rabbi Abraham … Read More

If you take a few minutes to reflect on the story of the “Flood” it is terribly tragic. Countless people along with all terrestrial life die in a great catastrophe. Evil had overtaken the entire earth to such an extent … Read More

An age old question, answered by many people in many ways. The Torah has much, and little to say on this topic. It is deep waters for spiritual seekers. The problem is once you start thinking on the beginning, many … Read More

So why an old wedding picture for Simchat Torah? Simchat Torah is, in a way, like the wedding kiss. Sukkot placed us back into Ba’yit Adonai – the house of G~d, his Creation, not our own. We got married to … Read More